The Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People on Yellow 8-track

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Here at Cinco Siete Discos Y Tapes we worship at the altar of Lux, Ivy, Nick, Bryan, and Kid Congo and hence are extremely proud to present The Cramps - Bad Music for Bad People, available for the first time on 8-track cartridge.

The Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People on Yellow 8-track Cartridge

For sale Wed Dec 22 at 10am PST

Each of these yellow carts were spray painted one by one with custom paint to match the cover album artwork. It doesnt get any better than this.

CAUTION - only 50 of these were made and some of them are going to the label, band, volunteers, so these will go very very quick. Unfortunately big cartels shitty inventory system doesnt reserve an item for you once you add an item to your cart. So these might sell out by the time you finish checking out, so try to purchase this at your own risk.

Included in this release:
- 8-Track containing The Cramps - Bad Music for Bad People. 50 units on yellow cartridges and 200 units on black cartridges, each hand numbered. Manufactured by hand with love by Dead Media Tapes.
- Slipcover featuring a 1978 concert poster design by X3 Posters and printed by Stoughton Printing.
- 16 page booklet with unseen photographs and 6 different liner notes from Howie Pyro, Pleasant Gehman, Tav Falco, Robert Maché, Patrick Bainée, and the album cover artist Stephen Blickenstaff.
- A 4"x5" art print of Lungs by artist Wes Lang
- Three silkscreen prints by Jim Madison Print Destroyer

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***** The Cramps were the ULTIMATE Rock N Roll outsiders. Musical and cultural provocateurs with a singular vision of what rock n roll was and should be, The Cramps were and still ARE one of the most influential bands of the punk and post-punk era. Often imitated but never equaled, their impact has spanned almost 50 years. Their enduring allure has been made conspicuously obvious by a new generation of fans sporting t-shirts featuring Stephen Blickenstaff's iconic Bad Music album cover art (arguably the "Mona Lisa" of Punk Rock). The Cramps re-defined "cool" by making "everything old new again". To quote guitarist/founding member Poison Ivy Rorschach, "The Cramps make tomorrow look like yesterday." An 8-track release in 2021 also makes "tomorrow look like yesterday" thus a new release on this "obsolete" format feels like a natural fit for the music of "the band that time forgot" said Miss Kizmiaz, Los Angeles 2021 KNIF. *****

In development for over a year, this project was created, cultivated, curated and assembled by a collaboration of more than 25 fans, artists and volunteers. The packaging itself is "de-Lux" - featuring a custom slipcover featuring a 1978 concert poster designed by X3 Posters and printed by Stoughton Printing, 16-page booklet of liner notes, rare photos and exclusive silkscreen art prints by Jim Madison Print Destroyer and an art print by Wes Lang. Liner notes by Howie Pyro, Pleasant Gehman, Tav Falco, Robert Mache, Patrick Bainee, and the album cover artist Stephen Blickenstaff. Due to the extensive manual labor required to recondition existing 8-track cartridges, only 250 hand numbered 8-tracks are being released. These 8-tracks were each manufactured by hand with love by Dead Media Tapes and include 50 spray painted units on yellow cartridges and 200 units on black cartridges, each hand numbered. No expense was spared making this project, this is truly a passion project. We realize that 250 8-tracks is likely not nearly enough and unfortunately many fans won't be able to get their hands on one. As fans and collectors ourselves, we truly apologize in advance for this. The reason we are only making 250 carts is all the extensive manual labor required to make this release, including the need to recondition & record onto these 40 year old 8-track cartridges.

As many of you know, 5Seven is a small DIY non profit operation and given we got a bit carried away with this project, we are actually losing money on every 8-track we sell. Thank you to the band, thanks to everybody involved making this release, thanks to Universal Music Group, & all the Cramps fans out there. This release goes up for sale on December 22th 2021 at 10 AM PST on our website.

Important Disclaimer 1) , we heard from our last sale that several people had items in their cart and when they tried to pay it said the product was no longer available. So it seems that big cartel doesnt reserve your item until you pay for it and get an order confirmed notice. That sucks, we prefer the systems that dont let you add to cart unless inventory is available. Oh well, we cant change big cartel. So if you add something to cart and it denies you at the end, we are sorry. We have been there before and it suuucks. 

Important Disclaimer 2), there is a strict maximum of one 8-track per order, any double orders will both be cancelled and refunded. Multiple orders going to the same shipping address and different names will also be cancelled. If you believe you have a reason why these rules shouldnt apply to you just email us. Sorry we are being strict about this, we just want to give as many people a chance to own one of these and we want to avoid flippers reselling their 8-tracks for profit. 

Important Disclaimer 3), These 8-track were reconditioned by hand which means they are not perfect mint collectors items. We tried our best to have these turn out perfectly, but you can expect blemishes, funky stuff, non mint labels. There may be rips and bends in the paper labels. Rock and roll isnt perfect and mint, if a beat up 8-track upsets you then go buy a CD instead. If you are buying this release to resell and you really want a mint copy to maintain highest resale value just email us, we promise its not a trap...really.

Important Disclaimer 4), Caution, the yellow carts were spray painted to match the label color. As such we cannot guarantee that playing this 8-track might not slowly (or rapidly) degrade the paint and start to show wear and tear. If you want a copy to play for years we recommend getting a black copy. 

Shipping - Shipping costs are expensive, especially internationally. We are sorry, we wish shipping was cheaper. As for our part of shipping costs, we ordered special boxes and special tape. We are also putting paypal fees and big cartel fees in the shipping expense. 

Shipping USA: $9 usd
Shipping elsewhere: $29.5 usd