King Gizz - All six 8-track Bundle!

Sold out $140.00 USD

The motherload, one of each of the 6 King Gizzard 8-tracks. Live "19, RATS LIVE - EVIL STAR, Head On / PIll, Demos, Teenage Gizzard and Polygondwanaland 8-bit, each with its own slipcase, and extra stickers. Only 5 bundles will be sold, includes a discount versus buying them individually.

Each 8-track is limited to 25 and
each is hand numbered and were reconditioned 1x1 by hand from old 8-track cartridges: cartridge was taken apart, soaked to remove the old label, tape cut to size, and then recorded at 1X speed on professional grade machines for optimal audio quality.

These are all priced to breakeven, we sell all of our releases at cost. $17.54 is the cost paid for the 8-track reconditioning + recording, $4.83 is the slipcase and sticker cost, and the rest is going to the band.

USA shipping for this bundle is free.
International shipping is $40 USD to most of the world and $45 USD to australia.