King Gizzard - EVIL STAR - RATS LIVE on 8-Track

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Together with Save Ferris Records, we are excited to announce EVIL STAR - RATS LIVE on 8-Track. This album is a sequence of the King Gizzard live performances of their 2019 album INFEST THE RATS NEST, taken from several different live shows across their 2019 world tour and ordered to match the track list of the album, effectively recreated a live Rats Nest concert.

Recorded live at:
Alexandra Palace, London: Evil Star, Planet B, Venusian 2, Self-Immolate
L'Olympia, Paris: Mars For The Rich, Perihelion
New Belgium Brewing Co., Asheville: Venusian 1, Hell
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide: Organ Farmer
Ancienne Belgique, Bruseels: Superbug

Only 25 hand numbered 8-tracks were made . Only 11 going up for sale here! Comes with custom printed slipcase with artwork by the incredible Josh Davis, plus a sticker. Each one of these 8-tracks were reconditioned 1x1 by hand from old 8-track cartridges: cartridge was taken apart, soaked to remove the old label, tape cut to size, and then recorded at 1X speed on professional grade machines for optimal audio quality.

These are all priced to breakeven, we sell all of our releases at cost. $17.54 is the cost paid for the 8-track reconditioning + recording, $4.83 is the slipcase and sticker cost, and the rest of the run going to the band.

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