Goodboy Inc. In The House Of The Dancing Stairs - Cassette

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How bout a trippy concept album told from the perspective of Scooby Doo... buy this tape and learn why people are the real monsters.

With a great pleasure we present to you β€œThe House Of The Dancing Stairs”
The first record ever by @goodboyinc.wav done during the peak of the pandemic, on the legendary @sonicranch we got together to solve the mysteries from within.πŸ‘»πŸ¦‡ This record is the beginning of an an incredible adventure that we are more than stoked to keep sharing with you. Done with all of our hearts. Done for the kids! Done to spread the love on a world that lately seems so overwhelming. Done so you that are gonna listen to it, takes a brake, jump in your mystery machine, ride with your friends and chase ghosts trough the city! πŸ‘».

Listen to the album here:

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed By:
Enrique Tena Padilla & Will Kubley
At Sonic Ranch Tornillo TX April and May of 2020
Track 1 Mixed by Jerry Ordonez & Enrique Tena Padilla
Mastered For Digital and Vinyl By: Mr. Marco Antonio Ramirez
At Britannia Road Studios
Cover Art By Karen Reyes Villareal
Logo By Maria Jose Baez

Songs by Enrique Tena Padilla (With a little help from my friends, Kat Guerra, Lovelle Femme and Will Kubley on the English)

Except for Track 08 By "Goodboy INC."
Words in Shipwreck by: Enrique Tena Padilla and Blair Dewane

Goodboy INC. are:

Enrique Tena Padilla
Vocals, Guitar, Mellotron,Prophet 6, Juno 60, Pedals

Lovelle Femme
Vocals, Guitar, Chipi Chipis

Will Kubley
Bass, Marimba, Mellotron, Prophet 6, Juno 60, Guitar, Piano, B3

Caleb Michel "El Galactico"
Drums, Bongos, Congas, GΓΌiro, Bells and any other imaginable percussive Instrument.

Saul Milan "Mr. Coconut"
Trombone, Horn Arrangements, Mellotron, Accordion

Special mention to Jesse Quebbeman Live Drums and BGVs at Track 08

Thanks to everyone who participated in the band for the couple of years we've been around. Tyler Nolan, Kat Guerra, John Leland, Drew Erickson, Liza B, Adam Rasmussen ,Charly Molina "El Primo". To Agustin Tena, Rocio Padilla y Luis Ernesto Tena PadillaTo Tony Rancich and everyone in the Ranch Family, Marco Ramirez, Jerry Raquel y Monserrat OrdoΓ±ez, Mario Ramirez, Felipe, Ramiro, Victor, Ninja, Birdie,Concha, Cecy and Hilda. John Dwyer, Heidi Alexander,Matt Jones, Jeff and Joce Soubiran. Wand, The Preservation Hall, Cons Rountree, Rod y Fer Barriga, Audrey Del Piccolo, Marco Carrion, Maria Ramirez Echavarria, Maria Jose Baez, Manuel Calderon, Chris Lynch, Clara Moutone, Destefano Deluise, Stephi Duckula, Guy Blakeslee, Alexandra y Ana Velazco, Benny Coppel, Sean Corbett and Sheldon Abba from Sometimes, Los Chuchitos, Los Rey Pila, Rich and our friends that share this constant adventure with us. Dead by Audio, API, Roland, and Mellotron Special Thanks to Joe Ruby and Ken Spears for creating the best cartoon of all times. And to Velma, Daphne, Fredy, Shaggy and the best boy of them all, Scooby. Thanks to all the good dogs in the planet.

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