8-bit Gizz NES Cart on Clear, Yellow, & Grey Cart

Sold out $59.99 USD

(We are working on a second run of these given they sold out same day)

- 8-Bit Polygondwanaland the NES Game V1
- 100 songs, 9 albums transformed into 8-bit chiptune
- Hidden easter eggs with free prizes and secret songs hidden throughout the game.
- You will get one of the three cart colors randomly, grey, yellow or clear

- ONLY One per customer, also any duplicate orders to the same address will be cancelled and you will be banned from buying any release from us. We have had plenty of flippers sell on ebay for 10X the price the week after we ship out and FUCK THEM. We try sell our releases our cost, so we dont appreciate flippers trying to make money off all of our volunteers hard work one week after they buy from us.

Watch video of the nes cart here: