8-bit Gizz NES Cart V2 by 8-Bit Escapades

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Finally here, we worked our butts off to make this release. Well over a year in development, we had over a dozen volunteers help bring this to you (including the man the legend 8-bit Escapades). The first version sold out in a few hours, so we made another round of hand numbered carts on Deep Space Black and Lizard Green carts (100 each). For V2 we were able to add a few new albums (Infest The Rats' Nest, Fishing For Fishies, Oddments, Eyes Like the Sky) and some new surprises.

8-Bit Polygondwanaland the NES Game V2
- 140 songs, 13 albums transformed into 8-bit chiptune by the legendary 8-bit Escapades (4 new albums in V2: Infest The Rats' Nest, Fishing For Fishies, Oddments, Eyes Like the Sky)
- Hidden easter eggs with free prizes and secret songs hidden throughout the game.
- Each copy is hand numbered out of 100 (black) and 100 (green)
- You can select below one of two color options, Deep Space Black or River Gator Green. We will do our best to send you the color you select, but we cant guarantee the color you choose.
- Each purchase will include one custom 5Seven playing card that will be used to raffle off special prizes in the future (test pressings, free vinyl, 8-tracks...etc
International shipping* is $25 USD for up to 2 items, adding a third item the shipping jumps to $40, adding a fourth item the shipping jumps to $57. Unfortunately big cartels shipping calculator sucks for international orders so if you purchase more than 2 items, you will only be billed the first $25 shipping cost at checkout and you will have to pay the extra shipping afterwards. We will email you and request the additional payment through PayPal before shipping. Really sorry about this complexity, BigCartels shipping calculator is terrible. *Canada shipping is a bit lower than other countries: $19 USD for up to 2 items, $30 USD for 3 items, $48 USD for 4 items.

USA SHIPPING COSTS : Shipping costs in the USA are pretty straight forward, shipping one vinyl is $4.5 USD, shipping one NES cart is $7 USD, shipping one tape is $3.5. Shipping multiple items together has some discounts.

Ebay FLIPPER Warning - Pretty please do not resell your copies on eBay. After the last run sold out in a few hours, we had flippers selling 8-bit Poly vinyls for $100+ on eBay and 8-Bit NES carts for $200+. Thats bullshit, nobody should have to pay that much for a release. Besides we are a volunteer led organization that sells products at cost (or at a loss), we don’t work hard so other folks can make a quick buck fleecing other fans. We had planned to limit each purchase to 1 of each item, but we know that many people like to pool orders together to save on shipping (especially outside the USA where shipping gets really expensive) so we are allowing people to purchase multiple copies… but again please don’t flip these items on eBay, not cool